Paris Short Film Festival


Now in its fourth year, the Paris Short Film Festival is a European hub for showcasing innovative cinema and a new wave of short filmmaking. This year’s PSFF looks forward to screening a broad range of genres by international directors, and bringing the best of fresh filmmaking to film-loving Paris audiences.

PSFF is a boutique short film festival with international scope and ambition. The next Paris Short Film Festival will run May 9th-12th 2018, at the much-loved arthouse cinema, the Ciné XIII, an underground theatre perched upon the Butte Montmartre. There will be three screenings a night of 80 minutes each at 6, 8 &10 pm.

Tickets strictly at the door on the night from 6pm and before each show. There is a 120 person theatre in the basement of the cinema proper open to visitors every night of the festival. Submissions for 2018 will be open in July 2017. PSFF will show over 60 films, and is open to any film in any genre, under 45 minutes in length. PSFF especially looks forward to exhibiting independent and low-budget films with innovative flair.

Join us for some convivial networking among filmmaker colleagues from around the world at the intimate bar of the Ciné XIII in enchanting Montmartre 9pm till midnight on the May 9th-12th. The festival manager will be there to greet you each night. There is no awards ceremony. Laureates will be notified via mail.

With four days of excellent film screenings of varied genres and socialising for filmmakers, the annual Paris Short Film Festival is an event not to be missed.

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Tickets strictly at the cinema during the festival, no prior reservations. Arrive 30 minutes before shows to avoid any last minute disappointments. There will be three screenings a night every evening 9-12 May at 6pm, 8pm & 10pm.

All the screenings of our 2018 edition will take place at the fabulous Ciné XIII Théâtre in Montmartre from 6pm till midnight. This cinema is one of the most progressive theatres in France with a screening room of 120 persons seating guests in plush comfort. Join us for some convivial networking among filmmaker colleagues from around the world at the intimate bar of the Ciné XIII on the enchanting Butte Montmartre  9pm till midnight on the May 9th-12th.

Paris Short Film Festival will be nestled at the intimate Ciné XIII in the most tranquil part of scenic Montmartre, in the Lelouch family’s very own theatre cum cinema and art deco bar straight out of a Lynch movie. PSFF exhibits films over eight eighty minute screenings consisting of various shorts blocks with a programme of multi-genre short filmmaking and fantastic socialising at this underground cinema two steps away from the church of the Sacré Coeur which dominates the hill of Montmartre.

The Ciné XIII Theatre seats 120 persons and is in the historically artistic district of Montmartre, in an underground cinema next to the the Moulin à Galette, immortalised by Toulouse-Lautrec. The area is peppered with locations where illustrious artists of the XXth century lived. The painters Degas, Pissarro, van Gogh, Renoir, Picasso, Giacometti, Zola, and Jazz legends such as Louis Armstrong. In fact Montmartre was known as the Harlem of Paris. Montmartre is peopled with Bohemian ghosts of the past.

We have the Art Déco style bar open for PSFF visitors & participants to hang out during and / or after PSFF’s 3 X 80 minute screenings a night on May 9, 10, 11, & 12 at 18:00 -19:30, 20:00 – 21: 30 & 22:00 – 23:30 Tickets at the door only before shows at Ciné XIII, 1 avenue Junot, 75018 Paris. Please do not contact the cinema directly.

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2017 Award Winners

Best Short Film

Lucia (Emil Kahr)

Best Short Short Film

The Nordic Sound (Christian Holm Glad)

Best Experimental Short Film

More or Less Related Incidents in Recent History (Ira Schneider)

Best Short Documentary

The Voice of a Million Times One (Marijn Poels)

Best Horror Short Film

Fresh Blood (Richa Rudola)

Best Sci-Fi Short Film

Mind and Galaxy (Ion Soteropoulos)

Best Comedy Short Film

Lucky Chicken (Gulliver Moore)

Best Music Video

So Close (Agnieszka Jankowska)



This event is an IMDB qualifier festival. Nominees & laureates may upload their film title here:

PSFF Nominees agree to participate in the publicity for the Festival as well as other promotional events, including website, social media, international press coverage and festival trailers edited by G. Papinutto of Agence Gamines.


Previous Years

Programme and Award Winners, 2015

Programme and Award Winners, 2016

Schedule 2017

Wednesday 3rd May


The Greener Side (Yoyo the Ricecorpse)
Suitcase (Igor Gavva)
More or Less Related Incidents in Recent History (Ira Schneider)
Don’t Burn The Breakfast (Daisy Stenham)
Lucia (Emil Kahr)
We Three (Rosie Toner)
Iridescence (Eileen Byrne)


Dying For A Laugh (Stig Wemyss)
Barbara Palvin In ASMR (Tn’T: Tarik Malak, Timothy Douglas)
The First Farewell (Jean-Briac Blouin)
Pura (Hasta la Sepoltura) (Pura: Until The Grave) (Alejandro Lobo León)
Kanthari, Change from Within (Marijn Poels)


Invisible Man (Jan Nord)
So Close (Agnieszka Jankowska)
The Oracle (Nan Feix)
The Package (Pratomo Waskito Dewo)
In Everyone’s Eyes (En Todas Las Miradas) (Lloyd Frost)
Across Antarctica (Jérémie Gicquel, Stéphanie Gicquel)

Thursday 4th May


Rubicon (Ian Boisvert)
Jasmin (Silvio Buchmeier)
Born of Stone (Emilio Bellu)
Breakfast of Champions (Beraat Gökkuş)
Into The Ground (David Tuil)
Slow Sea (Sean Finley)
The Unpainted Woman (Kathy Rose)
Les Cloys (Julia Hechler)


Regardez (Eros Vlahos)
The Voice of 650 Million Times One (Marijn Poels)
Laughing Crying Blues (Benjamin Meade)
A Portrait of Rafel Delalande (Valentin Petit)
Sans le Kosovo (Dea Gjinovci)


Jean Seberg (Alexandra Helgerson)
Rip It Up (Harvey Cash)
Confection (Clare Fisher)
Lucky Chicken (Gulliver Moore)
Mausoleum (Lauri Randla)

Friday 5th May


The Happy Genius (Hannah McKibbin)
Hot Stone (Shannon Ellison)
Journey (Amy Clarkson)
02H20 (Romain Coindet, Sylvain Giannetto)
The Nordic Sound (Christian Holm Glad)
The Citizens of the Magic Lands (Eunseon Lee-Segay)


Wraps (Frank Tamburin)
For One (Mathieu Rivolier)
TSHL Project Rush – Tom Sawyer (cover by Delayne Martin) (Homer Liwag)
En Visant La Lune (Julien Hassid)
Are You Happy (Paolo Cedolin Petrini)
Skin Of The Night (Alexandre Ubeda)

10.00pm: Sci-Fi/Horror Night

Homes of Hope (Junaid Syed)
Mission: Apo11o (Daniel Jenny)
The Drone Master (Sebastien Duhem)
Hystera (William Sterling)
Up’Life (Julie Defrance)
Sleepwalker (Julie Defrance)
Fresh Blood (Richa Rudola)
The Alsace Axe Massacre (Hervé Freiburger)

Saturday 6th May


Doll’s House (Jim Greayer)
Lost Angel Less (Kantarama Gahigiri)
Close Your Eyes (Crepel Marion)
Honeymoon (Anaëlle Morf)
Dying For A Laugh (Stig Wemyss)
Imperative Shift (Yoko Kubota)
Stop Us (This Is Felo)

Mind and Galaxy (Ion Soteropoulos)
Sthir (Anna Ador)
A Magician (Max Blustin)
The Power of Citizen Leadership (Flore Dussey)
Southern Edge of the Cloud (Alon Chan)


Grandpa, Will You Come To My Birthday Again Next Year? (Gerhardus Potijk)
Repeat Until (Abbie Lucas)
Until The End (William Eguienta)
Moche(s) (Mickaël Cohen)
Little Party Queen (Band: Next Is Best) (Etienne Fu-Le Saulnier)
My Little Older Brother (Iris Hogendoorn)
Custom Love (David Ruby)
Images Of A Crossed Out Blue Sky (Romain Descours)

Festival programmePSFF2017-Programme-A4

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