Programme and Award Winners, 2018


PSFF 2018 once again screened a broad range of genres by international directors, and brought the best of fresh filmmaking to film-loving Paris audiences.

The fourth Paris Short Film Festival ran May 9th-12th 2018, at the much-loved arthouse cinema, the Ciné XIII, an underground theatre perched upon the Butte Montmartre. There were three screenings a night of 80 minutes each at 6, 8 &10 pm.

Award Winners 2018

Best Short Film
Entre Deux Eaux – Patrice Cordonnier

Best Short Short Film
Unexpected Discoveries – James Mabery

Best Experimental Short Film
Hailstorm – Carolyn Downie

Best Horror Short Film
The Snake the Ape and the Apple – Daniel Crawford

Best Sci-Fi Short Film
Blink – Benjamin Anderson

Best Animated Short Film
Planet Tobler – Aran Quinn

Best LGBT Short Film
A Space for Growth (and Cuts) – Maritza Navarro

Best Comedy Short Film
La Paix Intérieure – Cloé Bailly

Best Short Documentary
Scouting For Light – Coline Morand

Best Music Video
Go To Sleep – Lucie Moreau, Raphaël Treiner

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May 9th

Go To Sleep (Lucie Moreau, Raphaël Treiner)
In Confidence (Clara Vorfeld)
Deep Is The Water, High Is The Sky (Pauline Koehorst)
Carma (Olivier P. Philippe)
Bridge (Niels Bourgonje)
Luscious (Xuecheng Xu)
All That Roams Below (Fabien Legeron, Estelle Faye)

Entre-Retiens (Beraat Gokkus)
A Space for Growth (and Cuts) (Maritza Navarro, Devon Thompson)
Amber (Gabriel Mirété)
Muscle Memory (Flo Miles)
L’Etui Rouge (Loran Perrin)
The Next is Yet to Come (Ira Schneider)

Only Me To Know (Evy De Ceur)
Unexpected Discoveries (James Mabery)
Tour de Force (Sam Ely)
Twice as bad/ Chevre ou Vache (Lauriane Escaffre, Yvonnick Muller)
Dance In Peace (Massimo Moretto Biancoleone) (Saturno 9)
Gris Brut (Damien Lamy)
Dramonasc (Olivier Bohler, Celine Gailleurd)

May 10th

Slowplay (Thomas Gailhard)
Skai Blue (Guido Verelst)
Ma Madeleine (Thien Nguyen)
Comme Les Roses (K. S. McMullen)
Entre Deux Eaux (Patrice Cordonnier)

20:00: Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Experimental Block
S-HER (Izzy Vaughan, Vic Vaughan, Amy Simmons)
Homesick Ghost (David Linnz)
Blink (Benjamin Anderson)
Real Connection (Thierry Denis)
Out of Our Arms (Jarred Keane)
Arsène (Guillaume Letellier)
The Snake the Ape and the Apple (Daniel Crawford)
Everything is Upstream (Martin Ponferrada)
By Blood (Guillaume Enard, Jonathan Delerue)

22:00: Horror Block
Watch Out (Shariff Nasr)
Popsy (Julien Homsy)
Round-Trip (Victor Cesca)
Reptilian Calculations (Frank Zirbel)
Just After Midnight (Jean-Raymond Garcia, Anne-Marie Puga)

May 11th

High (Kristina Teschner)
Dreams of Giverny (Alice Pennefather)
Désir Pastel (Mathieu Rivolier)
Jueves (John Anthony Flavin)
What We Are Talking About (Luca Di Molfetta)
Mon Poussin (Jeremie Seguin)

Rotation (Alberto Martín-Aragón)
Among Sorrows and Songs (Andy Motz)
Man-Sharing (Michele Bizzi)
Hailstorm (Carolyn Downie)
Planet Tobler (Aran Quinn)
Actors Of His Life (Triquenot Maxime)

Doll (Salvatore Leonardi)
This is How I Spend My Time (Annie Poon)
Locked Outside (Ross Richardson)
Photo Bomb (François Uzan)
Scouting For Light (Coline Morand)
Huerta de San Vicente (Patricia Vonne)
The Brothers (Kristen Mikkelson)
La Voûte (Leïla Gentet)

May 12th

Jia (Hugo Lafitte, Raphaël Bouchez)
The Road to Motherhood (Sofie Peeters)
Vote For Me: Italy’s Migrant Crisis Fuels Election Campaign (Claudio Lavanga)
The Oracle (Nan Feix)
One Over Many (Daphné Bengoa)

Zoe+Ari (Rachael Meyers)
Laughing Branches (Missy Malek)
DNA Of Wild Beasts (Delphine Montaigne)
La Paix Intérieure / BUS N (Cloé Bailly)
Les Artisans de l’Art – 2ème Portrait: Jean-Pierre Maury (Grégory Papinutto)

Selena (Pierre Roy)
Nymphette (Marijose Sapina)
The Arena (Jennifer May Reiland)
Denmark (Max Mauroux)
Pjesma Sela Rude (The Song of the Village Ruda) (Riccardo Jurkovic, Leonhard Hofmann)