Winners 2017

2017 Award Winners

Best Short Film
Lucia (Emil Kahr)

Best Short Short Film
The Nordic Sound (Christian Holm Glad)

Best Experimental Short Film
More or Less Related Incidents in Recent History (Ira Schneider)

Best Short Documentary
The Voice of a Million Times One (Marijn Poels)

Best Horror Short Film
Fresh Blood (Richa Rudola)

Best Sci-Fi Short Film
Mind and Galaxy (Ion Soteropoulos)

Best Comedy Short Film
Lucky Chicken (Gulliver Moore)

Best Music Video
So Close (Agnieszka Jankowska)

Schedule 2017

Wednesday 3rd May


The Greener Side (Yoyo the Ricecorpse)
Suitcase (Igor Gavva)
More or Less Related Incidents in Recent History (Ira Schneider)
Don’t Burn The Breakfast (Daisy Stenham)
Lucia (Emil Kahr)
We Three (Rosie Toner)
Iridescence (Eileen Byrne)


Dying For A Laugh (Stig Wemyss)
Barbara Palvin In ASMR (Tn’T: Tarik Malak, Timothy Douglas)
The First Farewell (Jean-Briac Blouin)
Pura (Hasta la Sepoltura) (Pura: Until The Grave) (Alejandro Lobo León)
Kanthari, Change from Within (Marijn Poels)


Invisible Man (Jan Nord)
So Close (Agnieszka Jankowska)
The Oracle (Nan Feix)
The Package (Pratomo Waskito Dewo)
In Everyone’s Eyes (En Todas Las Miradas) (Lloyd Frost)
Across Antarctica (Jérémie Gicquel, Stéphanie Gicquel)

Thursday 4th May


Rubicon (Ian Boisvert)
Jasmin (Silvio Buchmeier)
Born of Stone (Emilio Bellu)
Breakfast of Champions (Beraat Gökkuş)
Into The Ground (David Tuil)
Slow Sea (Sean Finley)
The Unpainted Woman (Kathy Rose)
Les Cloys (Julia Hechler)


Regardez (Eros Vlahos)
The Voice of 650 Million Times One (Marijn Poels)
Laughing Crying Blues (Benjamin Meade)
A Portrait of Rafel Delalande (Valentin Petit)
Sans le Kosovo (Dea Gjinovci)


Jean Seberg (Alexandra Helgerson)
Rip It Up (Harvey Cash)
Confection (Clare Fisher)
Lucky Chicken (Gulliver Moore)
Mausoleum (Lauri Randla)

Friday 5th May


The Happy Genius (Hannah McKibbin)
Hot Stone (Shannon Ellison)
Journey (Amy Clarkson)
02H20 (Romain Coindet, Sylvain Giannetto)
The Nordic Sound (Christian Holm Glad)
The Citizens of the Magic Lands (Eunseon Lee-Segay)


Wraps (Frank Tamburin)
For One (Mathieu Rivolier)
TSHL Project Rush – Tom Sawyer (cover by Delayne Martin) (Homer Liwag)
En Visant La Lune (Julien Hassid)
Are You Happy (Paolo Cedolin Petrini)
Skin Of The Night (Alexandre Ubeda)

10.00pm: Sci-Fi/Horror Night

Homes of Hope (Junaid Syed)
Mission: Apo11o (Daniel Jenny)
The Drone Master (Sebastien Duhem)
Hystera (William Sterling)
Up’Life (Julie Defrance)
Sleepwalker (Julie Defrance)
Fresh Blood (Richa Rudola)
The Alsace Axe Massacre (Hervé Freiburger)

Saturday 6th May


Doll’s House (Jim Greayer)
Lost Angel Less (Kantarama Gahigiri)
Close Your Eyes (Crepel Marion)
Honeymoon (Anaëlle Morf)
Dying For A Laugh (Stig Wemyss)
Imperative Shift (Yoko Kubota)
Stop Us (This Is Felo)

Mind and Galaxy (Ion Soteropoulos)
Sthir (Anna Ador)
A Magician (Max Blustin)
The Power of Citizen Leadership (Flore Dussey)
Southern Edge of the Cloud (Alon Chan)


Grandpa, Will You Come To My Birthday Again Next Year? (Gerhardus Potijk)
Repeat Until (Abbie Lucas)
Until The End (William Eguienta)
Moche(s) (Mickaël Cohen)
Little Party Queen (Band: Next Is Best) (Etienne Fu-Le Saulnier)
My Little Older Brother (Iris Hogendoorn)
Custom Love (David Ruby)
Images Of A Crossed Out Blue Sky (Romain Descours)